Comments and Pricing information - Wilderness Rim Resort

Wilderness Rim Resort: This site was originally built in 2001 entirely in Flash. It's actually still in the portfolio because even in Flash and though it was one of the first sites I ever built, it still had some neat effects.

As usual, I got carte blanche from Tabby, the operator of the resort, to do whatever I would like for this site and as a result, it was more fun than work.

Pricing: Initially I charged the owners of the lodge $600 for the website because I used part of it for my studies in website design while going to college for it. When I completed my courses I also continued to work on the site until it was completed and could be uploaded for use.

Update: As of 2013 or 13 years later, this site is still in Flash and needs to be updated. It is no longer an expensive site because so much software and so many programs have been developed in the past decade to make web development much faster and easier, so the original value put on this site, considered a very modern site for the times, is no longer valid. If the site is ever rebuilt, I will post the value here then.

2014: This website was rebuilt in a non-flash form for the owners of the lodge in spring of 2014 at a cost of $1863. The new website can be found at



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