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Wilderness Rim Resort: This site is a complete redo of the original site that was built in 2001 entirely in Flash. It's actually still in the portfolio because even in Flash and though it was one of the first sites I ever built, it still has some neat effects. You can read the original design notes under the thumbnail in the portfolio or go to Wilderness-Rim-web-design-notes.html

As usual, I got carte blanche from Tabby, the operator of the resort, to do whatever I would like for this site and as a result, it was more fun than work. I was also able to use a lot of text from the other site which meant a reduction in the pricing. I did have to redo all the photos because the quality is expected to be so much better nowadays on a website than it was 13 years ago and increased bandwidth allows that. The owners had new digital photos taken recently so that helped a lot.

Pricing: I actually kept track of the time I put in on this site and it worked out to $1826 using my hourly rate at 83 hours. I saved time by having some existing text to use but I added a lot of information and a few extra pages as well. That goes fairly quickly because I know the local area and tourism industry here.

Update: This site was updated in March 2014.

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