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West Chilcotin Tourism Association: The Directors of the WCTA had approached me a few years ago to build a one page site that listed their members in the tourism business and a description of the operations. The WCTA finally got funding to expand the site and I got the go ahead to create what I think is one of the prettiest sites around and I'm very proud of it. It took a great deal of experimentation to get the large sized pictures on the first page that change out nice and clear and bright, but to still load quickly. There is a lot of Flash on this site and I got to do a lot of playing around. I had to do all of the research for the text, which I didn't care for because it's so time consuming, but I got to put pictures all over the place! I also created headers for each page of the site that I felt helped to show just how incredibly beautiful this country is and helps the viewer to know that they are on a different page each time they switch out. The navigation is excellent and it's easy to find your way around the site. I wasn't necessarily happy with the menu at the top since I used outside software and didn't write the code myself, but it can be changed out down the road easily enough.
The WCTA is looking for more funding because there's still lots more work to do on the web site as it's no where complete yet. But there's now something to show their members!

Pricing: I charged the Association $3,000 for the site. I gave them quite a break on the the price because they are a local tourism association and they have all of the support I can afford to give. However, I worked a solid month for up to 16 hours a day and I'm guessing that the most I made was 8 to 10 dollars an hour. And that's just not good enough. What really took a lot of time was the body text for each page. Having to do all of the research for the text was onerous and time consuming and I would not do another site like this for that price for anyone. However, if you provide the text, it's a whole different matter.
I also provided most of the images on the site either from my own image bank or from friends' which entailed spending hours going through pictures to choose the most suitable. Obviously if a client can provide all of the images and express where they want them, that speeds up the process considerably.

Update: By the spring of 2009 this site was pretty much completed, although it could always do with a little more work. The site consists of nearly 100 pages and the end charge was $6,000. As explained above, that included me doing all of the research and writing all the text and providing most of the images as well as map design, interactive page designs, and overall site design and build. By the spring of 2013 most of the German translated pages had been completed and uploaded to this site. I charged an additional $1100 for the time to change the pages and all links and menus over to German.

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