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Central Coast Chilcotin Realty:Vera Robson contacted me in late 2013 and asked if I could work on a website for her in 2014. Her budget was $500 and she really liked turquoise and purple. She had become a Realtor in Bella Coola only about 150 miles from my location and wanted a site of her own.
She is affiliated with a company who's logo is red and black. The first trick was to make a company logo of red and black work with turqouise and purple, and the second and more difficult trick was to build a website for under $500. I think that I succeeded. The website has everything it needs including some mortgage tools, etc. that I found on the web and installed on her site. I would still like to add two more pages, each about the regions that she will be operating as a Realtor in, with lots of photos. I think that would benefit her site visitors immensely, however, we'll have to wait until there's a little more money available since I actually spent a lot more time than $500 worth on the site.

One thing that made the site reasonably easy and fast to build was that I have a huge image bank on the area and so was able to use my own photos. Vera only had to provide a personal photo of herself, and another one to go on the contact page. Using my own photos allowed me to use JQuery to have photos changing on the header on the main page. Vera added pertinent text where I needed her to and since I'm an ex-Realtor, I was able to come up with the rest.

Pricing: Budget limit was $500 so that is what I built the site for. Normally it would have been priced a little higher but not by that much because the least expensive way to build it was to use a template and then customize it.

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