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Vagabond R.V. Park & Resort: Floyd and Lora Vaughan have developed and operated Vagabond R.V. Park and Resort on Nimpo Lake for some time. They owned a flying service using floatplanes to ferry people to and from remote lakes in the area. They've since retired from that but still work hard seasonally running the park which includes 22 R.V. sites and two cabins. Lora doesn't even own a computer but expressed an interest in having a presence on the net that she could direct new customers to when they phoned. This would allow them to get a feel for the resort and the area before booking their holiday.

Pricing: This site was done in Flash. Lora wanted a simple site, so the only way I got to dress it up was fool around a little with the navigation menu. Unfortunately, it was a little slow loading for really slow dial up, so I didn't use it on pages with a lot of photos on them. The only difficulty with this site was the usual conglomeration of photos all of different sizes, lighting, and eras. Trying to make them all consistent was the most time consuming aspect of the whole site.
This was yet another site where I was given 'carte blanche' to create the site and choose an appropriate domain name. Since that just makes my job so much easier, I don't charge as much. Cost: $500 USD or less. I say less, because if I had consistantly sized digital photos, things would go much faster and easier and so I would charge less for the site.

Update: A death in the family meant that the Vagabond is no longer in operation. As of 2013 the business was still for sale and more information about that can be found at

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