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Yes, I like black as you've probably noticed. A lot of my clients are in the tourist industry and that particular industry lends itself to lots of photos. People travelling or on their holidays look for photos first, description next. Black as a backdrop does not detract at all from the intent of the photos, so where photos are of specific importance to a site, that's the background I tend to use.
The Dean on Nimpo: is owned and operated by Donn and Phyllis Irwin. They underwent a very tasteful renovation with their lodge in 2003 that included an 'upper end' Bar and Grill and are now promoting a relaxing and luxurious holiday with first class service and gourmet food. They wanted their web site to reflect what they are offering at the Dean with emphasis on the fact that they are now a year round destination. That means heavily promoting their resort as a winter vacation spot as well as summer, on the web site.

Pricing: I will not list here any specific compensation from my clients. I will only list a suggested price for a site based on what's involved with building it. Which means the price of every web site is going to vary depending on the elements in each. This site is a $850 USD site and shouldn't be. It's not that extensive or involved. However, the clients were very specific about what they wanted and so the guidelines were fairly rigid. Phyllis wanted a really different frame or border fade on the photos and that is probably what took the most time on the site, because the black fade on each photo had to be fairly consistent. That's not easy when the photos range from digital to 35mm, all different sizes, ages, and fades. What many people don't realize about web sites is that building them is generally not that difficult or time consuming once you get down to brass tacks. What is time consuming is deciding on the design or layout and the prep work. That means getting the photos ready to be inserted onto the site, and fine tuning the text to match pertinent keywords for that particular site's objective. Unless my client gives me carte blanche on design, I work very closely with that client every step of the way so that they are getting exactly what they want. The easiest way to do this at a distance? I do a rough work-up, put it up on the 'Net on my own site so the client can see what it actually looks like and they can make suggestions for change from there.

This site was upgraded in 2012 to a totally new look that would suit Apple and mobile products better which meant no Flash and no applets. Because it was an upgrade using much of the same text and a few of the same photos, the charge is much less than for a new site, and this is a long standing client. However, if I had to do this site from new, the charge would be somewhere around $400 because it really doesn't have much for special effects.
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