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Serenity Spa Therapeutics: is a home based business started up by Paul and Veronica Skojec of New Mexico. They asked for a simple web site of about five pages that gave the feeling of a calm, relaxing, spa. They sent me a one page example done by someone else that had not gotten back to them, and although it gave me a feel for the colors that appealed to them, it was very obviously made from a standard template. Paul was a web builder's dream client. He provided all the information for each page laid out in brochure form, many of the images used on the site, all of the photos of the products they offer, and the Spa logo. About all I had to create was the header, the lay out and a few images doctored up in Photoshop. Which isn't as easy as it sounds. They sounded really enthusiastic about getting a custom page, and I was really excited about fleshing out the concept so I worked really hard to create what I thought was an appropriate 'feel' for the site. It took a little longer than expected, as did adding sound (my idea) but I did not charge for this. So the cost will not reflect the extra work. On the other hand, many parts of the site went faster than usual simply because all text was provided. I also suggested a form for email to cut back on spam, and the template will be in place should they decide to go with online purchases in future.

Pricing: Other than specifying text to go on the site, the Skojecs left most of the design up to me. Since they did the hard part, and left me with the 'fun' part, I stuck with the original quote since any extra work I did, was for my enjoyment and satisfaction. Images were all sent by jpeg, were of excellent quality, and didn't require much adjustment. The only thing I did have to do was play with the brightness and contrast of latter photos to match with the cooler colors of photos originally sent to me. The pricing for a site of this type would range between $300 and $500 US depending on photos, and number of pages, etc. I stuck with $200 USD simply because so much work was done for me and that is what I initially quoted. The text was explicitly laid out in brochure form and required absolutely no creativity or imagination on my part. However, I'm very proud of the extra 'free' work I put in and the result.

Unfortunately. Paul and Veronica are no longer running the business through their website and so has let the hosting plan lapse. Since I really liked the design, and I'm very proud of the 'feel' of relaxation that the site generates, I've still included it in my portfolio.

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