As I go through the "mental organizing" of this site, I realize more and more that I must format this information immediately before it gets out of hand. There is an unlimited amount of information in the hieroglyphics explaining the quantum physics that was a part of the "The Ancients" average daily life. Because of the keen interest this site is generating in the short time it has existed, I have decided to make the effort to place new information onto it weekly. I will show you a new way to interpret the language of geometry on the hieroglyphics. The geometry in hieroglyphics reflects the geometry in nature and this geometry explains quantum physics. Quantum physics explains how we are all connected to one another beginning with the most minute of all particles; a photon particle. This is the geometry of Solomon's Seal that can be seen at the heart of a daffodil or in the geometry of a snowflake. This geometry connects us to our entire universe. This is so simple, it is easier for the average person to understand that someone with a complicated mind.

From this day on additional information will be placed at the "END" of this site.

PS. Is there anyone out there who can place these symbols onto a wire grid chart for me? It is a necessary component in understanding how a pyramid works. I cannot afford to hire you to do this but you would be recognized. I really need some help getting this information circulating. I need to organize a group of people to bring this information from symbol to application and I am not an organizer.


When I first started this web site I didn’t realize writing a book would be so time consuming. I can only work on this part time. One must earn a living. However, this web site now has the addition of a brief summary of how to build a functional pyramid. Hidden inside the hieroglyphics are volumes of information explaining Quantum Physics. So far a lot of people have visited this site but very few have contacted me. I thought more people would have been interested in this subject. The Pope sure is!

In all the books written about the atrocities orchestrated by the Vatican, of its mindless automatons the “Jesuits”, the formation of all those secret societies that have been groomed and handpicked and that are slated to control the ten kingdoms of the New World Order and in all the intrigue surrounding Presidential and Royal assassinations, no one has caught on to the true reason for all the bloodshed!! This goes back so far back in time that it defies being called “organized” crime and demands the invention for a new word with a new definition for single minded criminal activity!

We’ve all been led down the “Yellow Brick Road” of the great “Papal Smoke Screen” and if we don't wake up pretty damned soon what is going to take place is going to make the Holocaust look like a “Sunday School Picnin”! Some think that the Pope wants to be recognized as “God on Earth” and he may be a form of Supernatural Apparition. He obviously sees himself above the laws of man and it looks to me as though he and the minions of his inner circle feel they are deserving of the title “God ship”. These people are so delusional it makes one want to vomit to think that such an evil potential resides in all man.

In the next few pages, I’m going to show you and explain to you and give freely to you the knowledge of His (the Pope) most precious treasure, that which motivates the Papal’s need for world Dominance through the creation of the ten “New World Kingdoms”, all done within the parameters of “The End Justifies The Means”. His need is to control this secret treasure! When everyone owns this knowledge, when it is common as the clock on the wall and has no more value than a good bowel movement, the killing will end.

The plan for world dominance has been in operation for thousands of years, each generation of this ancient organized crime syndicate chipping away at spiritual freedoms to achieve the end goal; TO BE IN CHARGE OF WHAT PYRAMIDS DO AND TO CONTROL THIS LEVEL OF QUANTUM PHYSICS!! To maintain control of this power and knowledge the first thing you have to do is kill anyone who may have any knowledge of this technology. The second thing you have to do is to make any symbols representing this knowledge seem evil. The third is to control all governments and to acquire their co-operation in the formation of One World Order. All that is necessary to finalize the last stage before introducing this Quantum knowledge and asserting yourself as God on Earth is to make a mandatory day of worship of the one religion. You know where everyone is going to be on a certain day of the week and at a certain time of day and you have made it Law and initiated severe penalties for law breakers. Just lock the doors behind the sheep and gas everyone. No more opposition to your Godshipness! Well, I’m having a great day, how are you doing?

On the following pages is the engineer’s grid chart and most aspects for constructing a “functional pyramid”. The grid chart and all of the components of a pyramid can be found in the geometry of each ancient culture. All of their geometries can be placed onto the chart of “Solomon’s Seal”. All the geometries in nature can be placed onto the chart of “Solomon’s Seal”!! The geometry of snowflakes can be placed onto the chart of “Solomon’s Seal”! The geometry of rock crystals can be placed onto the chart of “Solomon’s Seal”! The symbols of all secret societies linked to your Pope-ship and be placed onto the chart of “Solomon’s Seal”. I could go on and on but I hope you get the picture by now.

Photon particles hit our planet from all over the galaxies especially from our sun. When these particles enter our atmosphere, the gasses and magnetic field of the planet cause them to refract into certain geometry, sort of like the way steel filings are affected by a magnet. Photon particles power the atom and cause atoms throughout the planet to line up to each other in a particular way. The atoms form into an energy grid. This grid can be utilized. The primer of this grid is the geometry of Solomon’s Seal, the double triangle seen in all the geometry of nature. Altering gravity and controlling the weather are just two aspects of this quantum physics that the Ancients lived by and the Pope wants to control this. That is how you become a “God”.

We observe Mother Nature altering gravity every day. For some reason a “scholastic moron” belittled this phenomena by calling it evaporation and now we are all authorities on the subject and we have diplomas to prove how stupid we are. This is how the hieroglyphics explain it. Photon particles striking molecules at certain angles create a revolving sine wave inside the atom. This revolving sine wave creates the magnetism of negative and positive polarities. The streams of photon particles striking at 22.5 degree angles create a balance inside the atom. What that means is on that particular tangent energy circulates but neither loses nor gains. Because photon particles are energy without mass they revolve in a 360 degree revolution and are influenced by an atom’s magnetic field. This magnetic field draws an excess of photons into its center. In the case of the H20 (water) molecule, this excess bonding alters the gravity of that molecule and fog and clouds are the result of that phenomena. Lightening then short circuits this bonding and snow and rain etc. are the result.

Pyramids are built to emulate this bonding and then store this energy inside its inner galleries. Inside the pyramid are channels of magnetite and galleries of water and air that together create the magnetic field. By pulling the positive particles of the magnetic field of the planet to the apex of the pyramid, the pyramid begins to attract the negative charge at the bottoms of thunderclouds to itself and of course Mother Nature then assists through the principles of attraction and repulsion. A lightening bolt then follows the process. I explain this process in detail in chapter one. You not only store a clean, renewable source of energy in the H20 inside the pyramid, you also get to irrigate the desert.

It’s no surprise that the wardrobe and the symbols of Papalry are seen inside the geometry of the chart of Solomon’s Seal. The geometry of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican is my chart for building a functional pyramid and I acquired most of what I have inside this book off of the Hieroglyphics and the North Semitics Symbol in my dictionary. The Pope has two pointy little hats he wears on different occasions. One has no geometric patterns on it and the other one has a diamond pattern on it and is somewhat translucent. This diamond pattern is called the Atem by the Egyptians. Look at the cover of my book and notice the pattern on it. Move the pattern thirty degrees to vertical and that is the Pope’s hat!

I am just going to get on with what is inside this book and I’m sure that the “Brainiacs” out there are going to do this study justice and to “heaven” with the Pope! I’m formatting this book from back to front. I suppose that my personal steps into the realization of what pyramids do may be of interest to some people but I find most people lose interest very quickly so last comes first.

Acquire this information, hide it, share it, distribute it, but don’t let it be controlled by any one group or person. There have already been too many people murdered over this information already.

The following is the blueprint for building a functional pyramid. One of the questions you may be asking at this stage is “Well, if pyramids do this or that, why is Kufu not working?” A very good question and for the answer you have to go back to 56 AD. Rome conquered Egypt. However, the Pharaohs dismantled parts of the pyramid and rendered it dysfunctional prior to their arrival and when the Romans arrived, they doubled this dismantling by tearing down the obelisk at the peak and dragging it off to Rome. That is the obelisk at the center of Saint Peter’s Basilica. All aspects of the pyramid conform to a precise and perfect geometry except for the room at the center. The magnetite at this center place was dismantled and removed in a hurry and that is why this room is in such disarray. Replace the magnetite at the core, mount the obelisk at the top and replace the outer limestone skin and this pyramid is functional again. I see no reason why Canadians and Americans need foreign intervention in order to bring our people into this “Golden Age Technology”. Once you begin interpreting the hieroglyphics accurately, it’s all there written in stone waiting for us to make use of it.

This new “Amero” dollar brought out by the USA this year has 96 points on its circumference; the chart of “Solomon’s Seal” has 96 points on its circumference; I have a book on “EGYPT” Land and Lives of the Pharaohs Revealed (Rain Coast Books, and on page 255 is a picture of several Hyksocs riding a chariot and the wheel has 96 points on its circumference and its geometry is the geometry of “Solomon’s Seal” seen in the symbols of the Secret Societies. Do you think there are any connections to these geometries? You’re FRIGGIN RIGHTS THERE IS!! It’s, “WAKY, WAKY TIME BOYS!!” It is time for all of us, TOGETHER, to go into this new age of quantum physics.

A pyramid can be built to any dimension. The prime considerations are that they must conform to specific placement and geometry. These considerations align invisible energy tangents to one another. If anyone would like to build the first functional pyramid (none has been built for thousands of years) I would be more than happy to assist. A miniature pyramid approximately 100 feet in diameter would cost between $10,000 and $30,000 dollars (roughly) to build. I would require minimal considerations; expenses and a percentage of charged particle water produced. I think I know how to utilize this grid called the Atem and I want to build myself a car that uses this form of energy.

I would suggest that you not procrastinate in printing this information onto a hard copy for yourself. I will be surprised if I am not shut down shortly. If I get enough requests, I’ll make arrangements to publish the complete book of my steps to discovery. Art work is expensive to produce and the language of hieroglyphics will be mostly art.

If anyone would like to purchase a working copy printed from my personal computer, I could supply a color copy for $30.00 (Canadian). I would like very much to see more people actively involved in this study. The curious and the serious are welcome. There is much more to be discovered!

Below are links to pages with enlarged diagrams of the Great Pyramid, Engineer Grid
and North Semitic Hieroglyphics.

Balanced Chart of Solomon's Seal
Solomons-Seal Atem-Geometry Engineer Grid Great Pyramid Hieroglyphics AB
Hieroglyphics CD Hieroglyphics EF Hieroglyphics HI Hieroglyphics KL Hieroglyphics MN
Hieroglyphics OP Hieroglyphics QR Hieroglyphics ST Hieroglyphics UX Hieroglyphic Z

Keep it Simple

A Story about Pyramids

Hidden within Solomon's Seal is the grid chart the ancients used to build pyramids. Although the architecture and surface dressings may vary from one culture to the next, all pyramids conform to the same astronomical positioning, geometric structure and mathematical proportions. The geometry of Solomon's Seal is seen everywhere in the Ancient worlds.

All great past civilizations and mysteries of the world, the Pyramid of Gizeh, Chariot of the Gods information, North Semetics symbols and Mayan ruins, etc. can be placed onto the grid chart of Solomon's Seal. They all explain the same information; an understanding of the atom that has of yet eluded scholars everywhere.

Pyramids were built to manipulate certain aspects of nature and afforded the Ancients an unlimited source of clean, renewable energy. One may need an understanding of the science within Solomon's Seal in order to build a pyramid but operating one can be done by just about anyone. It may be compared to operating a car. The driver doesn't need an understanding of the theory of combustion to operate it; all he needs is the key.

This book is a beginning into trying to understand the science of pyramids and is not a completed work. I hope to encourage others to help me investigate this science. It is in this hope of discovering a less harmful form of energy than what we are using today that encourages me to write this book.

If I may, I would like to quote a spiritual mentor. May the blessings be.

I would like to state for the record that my interpretation of life reflects only my personal state of consciousness. It is from this viewpoint that I seek my understanding of Solomon's Seal. My adoption of words and terms are of personal interpretations and are in a constant state of adjustment. They may not clearly reflect the esoteric interpretations they were originally meant to. The interpretations of Salomon's Seal will unfold as spirit will allow it.


The Ancients, (builders of Pyramids) had a knowledge of Quantum Physics that far exceeds our present day. This knowledge stares back at us in the forms of their art, architecture and simple everyday tools and crafts, but the most intriguing co-relation between Quantum Physics and Pyramids is in the geometry in nature.

The diagram above is the geometry of a snow flake placed onto the chart of the "ATEM". The ATEM is the pattern that photonic particles create when they refract through our atmosphere. Solomon's Seal is the primer of this geometry of the "Atem" and can be seen in it's various forms in everything in creation. Pyramids were built to manipulate the energy of "THE ATEM".


Keep it Simple
First Chapter

Picture if you will a storm black and threatening with lightening flashing wildly in random directions searching frantically between the pelting rain drops. Searching, searching for the ones who even dared to think they had the right to talk to God! Then the rain stops, the lightening ceases and sunlight streaks through prisms in raindrops in a garden oasis. People start coming out of their dwellings, and start moving about. Children, dogs, birds are once again free to walk about unhindered. It's another day in the life of the Ancients. It's three O'clock in the afternoon.

Now, picture a time in a distant future. The setting is a ramshackle cabin in a boreal forest. A man unshaven, unkempt, wild with rage stands on a porch, arms outstretched screaming "Prove it to me! Prove it to me!" Two points in time. The one from the ancient past racing to a distant future, making contact in a present moment. Two lines coming together to form a circle: three hundred and sixty degrees.

In retrospect I wish I could say this story is fiction based on truth, but I cannot. This is more like truth stranger than fiction. If you don't like or want to make changes in your life, don't read on any further, throw away your television sets, and don't open the doors again! But even then I don't think you can stop the inevitable! No one can stop the future.

Hello Everyone!

My name is George Hamm. In the next few minutes I am going to share with you one of the oldest secrets known to mankind. A mystery that has eluded us for God knows how many years? 7,000 / 70,000 and at the same time all of its knowledge sat staring back at us unaffected, patiently waiting, waiting for the proper time to express its universal potential with a planet; not just one country or one people, but a whole planet. Those in the past who have tried to suppress the message contained within were short lived and suffered the Karmic consequences of their vanities.

Sounds pretty religious doesn't it? But that's what happens when you open the box and look beyond the shiny wrapping. Reality sinks in. Light and Sound, those two elements we take so much for granted. We wake up in the cool of the morning, look up at the sun and feeling its warmth, a casual phrase crosses our minds, "Thank God for the Sun." It passes through our attention and is gone. Taken for granted.

This is what the Pyramids are about; Light and Sound. An atom on the sun explodes, the matter, the gravity part gravitates to the center of the sun's core. The photonic energy, an energy with no gravity, no mass and a spin of 360 degrees flies through space at the speed of light, invisible until it touches matter once again and then bonding with it, new life begins. Genesis.

This photonic energy permeates the galaxies. Our planet is immersed in this photonic energy. It sits there waiting for us to become aware of its potential. It resides in every atom. It's what every religion and science has in common. It is the fabric of soul.

Van Allen's Radiation Belt, an unlimited renewable constant energy. A radiant energy surrounding our planet. The phenomena it creates and produces reminds everyone of the incredible power of nature. The Pyramids were built to manipulate and control its potential.

The application of the pyramids involve everything that comes with a clean renewable unlimited source of energy; photonic energy. We will be able to irrigate deserts by manipulating and controlling clouds and where they will release their H20. Bonding photonic particles to matter may be the beginning of a science of anti-gravity and who knows what else?

But before I get into how the pyramids work I would like to take a few moments to share with you how this all came about. I live a life of isolation 12 miles off Highway 20, in the area of Kleena Kleene, B.C. (which is already in the wilderness) at a place called Wheeler Bottom. I spent the winter down there by myself; just me and the silence. My wife got tired of living in the wilderness and wanted to spend more time with her daughter and two new babies in Chilliwack. I was not prepared to leave everything I owned for any length of time so I resolved myself to remain at home. I planned on doing stuff around the house and studying my Philosophy books.

Around February 2006 I was right into my books, you know, stuff like the past, present, and future are here and now in the moment. The universe is contained in the eye of a sparrow. The universe is contained in a grain of sand. What the hell does that mean? Paradox! Paradox! I got up and out of my chair and went onto the porch, and looked up at the sky and shouted at the top of my lungs, "Prove it to me! Prove it to me!" A few minutes later I started laughing my head off. You can do things like that down here and no on sends those nice young me in their clean white suits to come and take you away. I realized I was trying way too hard, and I was at the bottom of my second pot of coffee.

So, after the laughter, I calmed down and decided to put the Philosophy to the test. I was reading something along the lines of Spiritual Will Power. Think of something you want, surrender it to the Light and Sound of God and then make the effort to help manifest it. It just so happened that I had been reading something on Pyramids a few days prior, so I grabbed my pen and posed the question,"Why were the Pyramids built? Keep it Simple." It's now months and months later and it is still expanding and I'm still writing. I let the pen take control and just wrote down whatever came to mind. Over the course of the following weeks I had a good start at putting it all together. Everyday a little piece of the puzzle was given to me, one brick at a time, held together with the wisdom of the ancients.

It all came in the form of a story and I never laughed so much in my life. A story tailor-made just for me. The whole time was a tingle and its still expanding. I'd wake up out of a dream and something would occur to me and if I wrote it down more would come. It was as though there was a void at the tip of my pen and I kept falling into it. I was wiring the house. The wiring would trigger a thought, I'd write it down. An article I was reading in a scientific magazine came to mind and another piece of the puzzle would occur to me. All these occurrences were accompanied with laughter and a story. However, when I realized what I had here, reality set in and paranoia took over. You had better be careful what you ask of God because you just might get it and then you're going to have to deal with it!

There are going to be some people affected by this information and they may not see it in the same light as myself. They may even try to suppress it! Since I can't keep my mouth shut the only way I'm going to get a peaceful night's sleep is if the whole planet knows. Then there would be no way to suppress it, no way to put it back into the box!

Now let's get into how it all works! I'll try to "Keep it Simple!"

In the book "The Secret Powers of Pyramids (Bill Shul and Ed Pettite)," is a diagram of a cross section of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. Beneath the structure is a well and what looks like a three or four foot in diameter tunnel. If the investigators would have removed all the sand out of the tunnel they would have discovered that this tunnel is connected to a series of other tunnels and channels throughout the Gizeh complex, and is a part of a system that has a very specific purpose.

I've taken to referring to Gizeh as the "Primary Pyramid" and to the smaller ones as secondaries because that is what they are. If you fill the well, and the three foot in diameter piping, and all the connected systems below ground (many of which are plugged or sealed) plus the area surrounding the Sphinx in water you have connected them all electrically, except for the primary, Gizeh.

The reason the conduit is three or four feet in diameter is because that's how big a conduit has to be to contain and channel the photonic power of a lightning bolt!

Now we know that the bottoms of thunder clouds are negative charge and the tops are positive charge. The top parts of thunder clouds can be as much or more than ten miles high and consist of ice crystals. That's what we want. We want to irrigate the desert with that water. In the desert water is life itself.

Lightning occurs when the negative charge from the bottom of a thunder cloud comes in contact with the positive charge on the surface of the planet. We want to make the surface of the primary pyramid positive charge, initiate a lightening bolt and then keep that negative photonic energy from going back to where it came from by storing it in the water of our electrical system. A hydrogen atom electron can absorb a photon or light particle, and take energy from it, moving to an orbit at a higher level. This will force the top part of the clouds which are Positive charge to gravitate towards the negatively charged planet, and release its "booty!" Here's how we are going to do it, but before we proceed we need to take a short walk through recent history.

The Pyramid of Gizeh used to have a 100 inch thick skin of polished limestone on its surface when it was operational and this skin acted as a solar collector. Because of an earthquake in the area about the year 1000 this skin was removed to rebuild Cairo. Very unfortunate!

Back to our story! Now two things have to happen in order to create a positive charge on the surface of the Primary Pyramid.

1. We need an electrical conductor from the well beneath the pyramid to the primary's surface!

2. We need to rob the surface of the Primary of its negative charge only! Here's how it's done :

1. Creating An "Electrical Conductor" We're going to fill all the passages (except the descending passage and part of the ascending passage) with steam by shooting a laser beam down the descending passage into the water at the top of the well area. The ascending passage acts like a draft on a cook stove keeping the steam moving through the system. The steam is our electrical conduit to the surface of the pyramid and connects everything electrically to the well water.

2. "Rob the Charge Off The Primary's Surface " Now the King and Queen's chambers are made from huge blocks of granite (some of which weigh as much as 70 tonnes) and layer with air spaces in between them. These huge blocks of granite contain magnatite in them, loadstone. Magnatite has electrical properties in it and is amplified when lined up to magnetic North. The pyramids are built and situated on magnetic North. This effect creates a positive pazeoelectric charge on one side of the blocks of granite in the King and Queens chambers. When you consider the effect created by the magnatite and then add in the Syzygy effect of the moon (the power that moves tides) on the magnetic fields of the planet, it's not hard to see how the negative charge on the surface of the pyramid can be pulled off and stored on one side of the magnatite. All the secondaries assist in the procedure, they also have magnatite in them. In essence the planet is much like a coil with positive and negative influences. The thunder cloud with its negative charge on the bottom layer starts to become attracted to the positive charge on the primary pyramid. Once that starts, nature takes over and the power of attraction and repulsion come into play. As the cloud approaches towards the primary, the negative charge on the planet gets repelled downwards and the positive charge is intensified on the surface of the Pyramid. Since its shape focuses this positive charge to an apex it becomes much more powerful.

Once the cloud is situated over the Pyramid, the stage is set for a conversation with God!

The lightning bolt lashes out and strikes the surface of the Primary Pyramid. The charge connects and follows the steam conduit down the air vents to the King and Queen's chambers, down the grand gallery and horizontal passage and past the small room in well into the water conduit and to the secondary pyramids. The steam conduit is burnt off at the speed of light closing the door behind itself. Now the small room in the well has an interesting function! Inside this room is a heavy granite slab that has been propped up and held with probably hemp rope at a precarious angle and as the photons pass, the rope is disintegrated at the speed of light, the slab smashes down acting like a cork in a bottle not allowing any of the charged steam to reverse its direction. There is at least one more door like this on the descending passage, maybe more.

You've robbed the negative charge out of that thunder cloud and stored it in the H20 beneath the pyramid. Now before we go any further and move outside of the Primary Pyramid, there has been a few interesting things that have taken place inside the Pyramid, all at the speed of light.

The velocity of the lightning bolt has to be slowed down. A direct line of site to the secondaries especially confined in a conduit would blow the hell out of the last secondary on the line or perhaps on the conduit itself.

The Pyramids were built in such a way that the initial force of the lightning strike is directed to the center of the structure that just happens to weigh quite a bit and the King and Queen's chambers are made of granite. It's very hard to damage granite. The surrounding limestone can absorb a lot of heat and there is at least 10 breaks in the direct line of sight to the secondaries. All of this and the pattern of the flow of photons in the King and Queen's chambers assist in harnessing the lightning strike!

Now outside we have a thunder cloud loaded with moisture and no negative charge to balance its energies. It's starting to get very attracted to the surface of the planet that happens to be negative charge. You know what's going to happen to those ice crystals when they enter the warmer atmosphere! You get to irrigate the desert! After everything cools down you just prop those granite blocks back up, initiate your laser and do it again! The sun evaporates the moisture, clouds form and the process is repeated.

Of all the wonders of the Pyramids I like that one the most. It brings us closer to nature and family than all of the other sciences put together. But that doesn't stop my curiosity!

In closing this part of the article I'd like to share a little personal humor that kept me laughing all the time as I was writing this. I wrote and rewrote it at least five or six times from one end to the other just to bring it this far. Every time I was rewriting this, I kept seeing a cartoon caption in my minds eye. There was Moses on the top of the mountain, arms outstretched screaming "Prove it to me! Prove it to me!" and then God gives him the Ten Commandments. There he is, sparks flying off the end of his chisel and half way through he discovers he made a mistake and has to re-chisel it!

Food for thought!

The introductory work book explaining the Science of Pyramids is now available. It takes the format of an ongoing work book that new pages of information may be added to. It will be a beginning to explaining Chariot of the Gods, the North Semetic Symbols, the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, a blue print of the atom with its 21 aspects and a detailed blueprint for the construction of functional pyramids coordinated to 21 specific galaxies 21 constellations.

My agenda is to solicit institutions and individuals to help expand and compile information regarding "Solomon's Seal" to be offered to all people on the planet Earth. Hopefully, we can one day afford to build a College independent of politics or any other negative intervention. Hopefully together we will be able to rediscover the secrets inside Solomon's Seal and create a healthier planet. Where this will lead nobody knows?


Thank You
George Hamm


The Work Book for Keep It Simple can now be purchased for $30 Canadian funds plus shipping.
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In the next few months I will be concentrating on building a functional apparatus that will bond photon particles to the Hydrogen molecule. If you study the chart of Solomon's Seal, especially its relation to "Snowflakes", it will become clearer that the apparatus can be as small as a molecule, as large as a pyramid or the size of our planet, nature's technique is the same for each. Focus on Metatron's Cube. Geometry is the expression of higher science.

The absolute worst thing anyone can do with this information is try to control or hoard it. Every conciousness has something to contribute to the whole. The alternative is to continue the way we have in the past and the final result will be the destruction of our planet. Every nation that has tried to control it in the past and present has contributed to its own destruction and has left nothing but a scar on this planet. Pyramids afford us a clean renewable source of energy.

I'm going to show you how several symbols were hidden in plain sight on the heiroglyphics. I placed them onto the engineer's grid chart and color coded them. The red one needs to be turned 90 degrees. If you study them long enough, their placement will become clear to you as will their function. You can find these Egyptian Heiroglyphic sympbols on pages (5) and (83) in the book, "Egypt Land And Lives Of The Pharaohs Revealed." Raincoast Books,

See you later and remember, "Expansion does not increase in a confinement."


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