Comments and Pricing information - Pyramids of Gizeh

The Pyramids of Gizeh: I was approached by a gentleman that had moved here and had a new theory on the purpose of pyramids and particularly, the Pyramid of Giza. George specified only that he wanted his text and drawings up on the Internet as soon as possible since he's writing a book. His only other specification was that four particular lines of text be put at the top of the first page of the site. I chose to do this part in Flash, since I wanted those lines moving in order to catch the eye. The header image took a great deal of time but I wanted it to reflect some of his ideas regarding the purpose of the pyramids and wanted to incorporate a logo that he drew. George expressed a preference for red and black so I stuck to those colors as much as possible. Right now, as per his wishes, the body text is double spaced but I hope to change that in the future, and images have yet to be added.

Pricing: This is a very simple site. For work up to this point, I charged $150 USD which included the extensive header photo development.

Update: The initial site was a one page site with one image besides the header. However, the client kept sending more information and images as time went by and I charged an hourly rate for installing them. The client wished to have this site removed from the Internet and allowed his hosting to lapse as he decided to write a book. So I have moved it to this portfolio in order to showcase it.

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