Comments and Pricing information - Las Brisas

Las Brisas Property in Mexico: The owner of property he had acquired along Mexico's Pacific Gold Coast wanted a website. He wanted to develop the land for specific buyers because they would be his neighbours. I designed an intro page in Flash that was beautiful, as was the rest of the site. But as Apple products became more popular, that knocked out a huge percentage of potential buyers, so I had to convert everything to HTML and sadly, turn it into a static page which changed its interest a great deal. We have been working on this website for a number of years and it still is not done because the owner sends me more information, lot plans, etc. as he gets them, but the biggest reason is because of the economic downturn. He's very simply not getting the interest in the property now that he was before the global crash and so we're just not doing a lot with the site.

Pricing: So far the owner has paid about $600 toward the site and that will include a small amount of future work to be done, such as the addition of more maps, plans, photos and video.

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