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Natural Impact Kinesionics Therapy: Wolfgang Hentschel is a certified Kinesionics practitioner and has been treating clients successfully for over 20 years. He wanted a site that he could direct new clients to for information and insight into his practice. I wanted to create a site that expressed serenity and a boldness that reflects the relatively new (at that time) homeopathic medicine. I feel I accomplished that very well with the design of the header and colors used on the site. Wolfgang wanted a very simple site, but one that covered all the information he wanted clients to know and that had the ability to be expanded easily.
Wolfgang and his wife have moved across three provinces several times periodically over the past ten years. They are now settled on Vancouver Island and Wolfgang's practice is such that he does not feel the need to have a website. He does not want to be any busier than he is now.


Pricing: This is a very simple site with some of the work done in Photoshop, and the rest in Flash. Cost: Between $250 and $300 CAD.

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