Guest Cabins along the Dean River.
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References by mail:

John J. Collins
476 South Road
Williston, VT 05495

Doreen Hillard
7004 Saucon Valley Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76132


References by email:

April Vokey

Jeff Bright (Steelhead and Chinook at the Dean River)

Trevor Ford (Dean River Steelhead and Coho fly outs)

Bill Birch (All fishing we do)

Frank Jackson (Dean River Steelhead)

Barry & Cathy Beck 

Bo (Dean River Steelhead)

Todd Tanner (Trout and Salmon and Steelhead)

Mike Kenyon (Dean River Steelhead)

Beau Purvis (Steelhead at the Dean & all other fishing we do)



Reasons to plan your wilderness angling adventure with Dean River Lodge.

Our experience in the Wilderness Tourism Industry -- more than 40 years. We provide more variety in freshwater angling adventure than most. Clean cabins, good food, experienced and friendly guides.


YouTube Videos - courtesy of April Vokey

April Vokey at Blackwell’s Dean River Lodge
Blackwell’s Dean River Lodge- Landing Chrome
Buck Release on the Dean River

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