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Peak Fishing times on the Dean River

Everyone asks, "What is the best time to fish with you?" The answer is, we have a great variety of species. The PRIME TIMES listed here will help you fit your vacation time to the time that will allow you to catch the species you like. You should be able to combine several species. Mid June to late August has is the time most anglers seeking Steelhead and Chinook choose to fish the Dean. Those anglers wanting to combine fly outs can view the dates below and consult with lodge personnel to decide on best times.

Blackwell's Dean River Lodge - June 15 through September 10.

Steelhead - Lower Dean - June 15 to late September, dry and wet files, catch and release

King Salmon - Lower Dean - June 15 to July 10, wet fly and spin casting

Pink Salmon - Lower Dean and fly outs. July 25 to September 1, wet fly, catch and release

Chum Salmon - Lower Dean and fly outs. July 25 to late September, wet fly, spin casting and catch and release.

Coho Salmon - Lower Dean and fly outs. July 25 to September 20, wet fly and spin casting.

Sockeye Salmon - Fly outs, July 25 to August 15, wet fly, spin casting, and catch and release.

Cutthroat - Fly outs, June 1 to September 15, dry flies, wet flies, catch and release.

Rainbows - June 15 to October 1 in most streams and rivers, including Upper Dean and Blackwater. Dry and wet files in the streams and rivers, flies and spin casting in the lakes.

YouTube Videos - courtesy of April Vokey

April Vokey at Blackwell’s Dean River Lodge
Blackwell’s Dean River Lodge- Landing Chrome
Buck Release on the Dean River

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