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Dean River Lodge: The owner of the Dean River Lodge contacted me on short notice. He wanted this site designed and up fairly quickly. Since I had other committments to work around, that meant starting off with a template. It's not my favorite thing to do but it does speed up the process a little when time is of the essence and I admit I actually enjoyed using a Web 4 compliant table set but I did make quite a few changes to the original template including trying to match it somewhat to a linking site that this client also owns and that is related to this lodge. I initially had changing frames on the right hand side on the home page only so the site should have been simple and quick to launch but the owner liked the changing photos and wanted it done to all the pages using different photos for each. He also wanted header photos that I had used initially changed out and a few other things done that went beyond the initial quote. I stayed within the qoute in his case because he is a regular client but normally this page would have cost more just because of all the changes that needed to be made after the initial design was up and running.

Pricing: The charge for a site like this would be between $400 and $600 and that includes meta tags and keywords for search engines. I actually did have some fun with things like the fishing flies that are on each page on the right but didn't charge for the work that I did. I took flies of my own, photographed them on unusual backgrounds, and then added the photos of the different flies to each page, trying to match the color to the general color scheme in the changing photo frame above them.

In autumn of 2014 the Dean River Lodge was sold to new owners who have had their web designer produce a new website for them.

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