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The Country Inn Motel: The motel is located in Nimpo Lake, British Columbia and is owned and operated by Ted and Deana. They took over the Country Inn in summer of 2003 and wanted to update the web site. They wanted a very simple site with links to other sites offering services in their area. They did end up getting more pages than they initially planned for two reasons. They had quite a bit of information, a lot of photos, and wanted sound on the site. Since this can increase page load time substantially, it seemed prudent to divide everything up as much as possible. We just put sound on the buttons but it still increased the size of the files a great deal. The logo for the Country Inn is a loon, so I used that quite a bit on each page, and of course used the sound of the local loons on button rollovers.

Pricing: This turned out to be a pretty simple site to do, mainly because the owners of Country Inn left most of the design up to me. They wanted loons in the background, earthy colors, and the loon pictures at the top. Putting all that together did take time, since colors in the loon logo were most definitely not earthy! But the rest was at my discretion, and that just makes life so much easier. Particularly since they had the images on cd for me already, so I didn't have to spend time scanning all the photos in. The only thing I did have to do was play with the brightness, etc. to try and match the photos as closely as possible, as some were old. The pricing for a site of this type would range between $300 and $500 USD depending on photos, and number of pages, etc.

Unfortunately, on September 28, 2006, the Country Inn Motel was completely destroyed by fire and it's had a huge impact on the community of Nimpo Lake. Although the site is now off of their original domain, this is one of my all time favorite builds because of the loon sounds on the menu buttons so I have moved it to my portfolio site so that you can still look at it. And so that the previous owners can still go in and play with the buttons so that they get a cascading sound.


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