Comments and Pricing information - Corkscrew Creek Adventures

Corkscrew Creek Adventures: Located in Anahim Lake, British Columbia this outfitter and his family wanted a very simple presence on the web. Paul and his wife Tamara actually didn't even care if they showed up in the search results for the big three engines. What they wanted was simply a resource that they could direct clients to with photographs of animals taken in the hunt, and Tamara wanted a place where she could write things about the children and post pictures for her family in Europe. Since they were not concerned about having their own domain, I installed their website on one of my own sites. Paul and Tamara provided pictures and the body text for the home page, but other than that, I had carte blanche and could design the site as I wished.

Pricing: There was absolutely no reason whatsoever for this site to be done in Flash. The only reason why I did is because if Tamara chose to take over updating the pages herself, without any knowledge of web site builds, she would find it simpler to do so in Flash than in standard html code. This was especially true for the personal family page. I spent longer than I should have blending the header images, but that was my choice. Otherwise, it is a very simple site. Cost: Between $250 and $350 USD only because I find Flash so simple to work in, especially if you aren't trying to go for the fancy effects achievable with the program..

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