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Resorts BC: A few years ago some of the local resorts in the area had planned to pool their resources and have a website built that would promote those on board. Unfortunately, the cooperative website never came to pass, but it did give me an idea. Our area is very much a tourist destination and I felt it was lacking a comprehensive web site that covered everything a visitor could possibly want to know. So I decided to build a site that would encompass the communities of Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake, and would have some information on Bella Coola and many of the regions in the West Chilcotin such as Alexis Creek, Tatla Lake, Tatlayoko, etc. I included several pages on accommodations available such as camping, lodges, resorts, RV parks, motels, and bed and breakfasts. I then added several pages describing the activities available in our area such as fishing, hiking, photography, canoeing, kayaking, trail riding, birdwatching and winter activities and recreation. I gave a good description of Tweedsmuir Park, our wildlife, our transportation system, added a map and weather information. I also put in a photo gallery for each of these headings. It wasn't long before there seemed to be a need for pages listing properties for sale. And since I think a lot of our area, I decided to write a daily blog on it where possible that included local color, information, stories, my viewpoints and a whole lot of photos. Although I knew I had a big site to begin with, it just sort of grew and it is very large with about 109 weeks of articles, each week having between five and seven stories.

Graphic Design: In order to finance advertising for the web site, I chose to sell spots on it to local business at low cost. There are three tiers for advertising on the site, including a listing with photo, a side banner and a header banner. Using Photoshop, I designed and redesigned all advertising banners on the site at no cost until it was approved by the business involved. Keep in mind that this is a very image heavy site and yet every image, including banners, still had to be optimized so that the site loaded fairly quickly.

Part of the service I offer? I chose to write a blog every day in order to keep the site in good standing. I've worked long and hard to raise awareness for the site and in turn, I believe it has helped substantially those clients listed on the site. It has also gotten a lot of information out there about the Chilcotin Region and what our areas, Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake, have to offer to the visitor. Content and keywords are really important here, so I've spent a lot of research time on that and studied my stats continuously so that I can tweak the pages to what I think people are looking for. I think that I can bring a lot of the same techniques to your web design.

Pricing: This site is still growing because eventually I would like to expand on the other pages that talk about those regions in the West Chilcotin listed on the site such as Alexis Creek, Tatla, Chilko Lake and so on. Because I had to come up with site design, all body text on all the pages, header design, and photos, it took a lot of work. I can't even begin to guess what the charge for such a site would be, especially if I had to do all research, text and photos again. You might want to ask for a quote on this one because it would definitely be in the thousands to recreate something similiar to this.


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