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Atnarko Retreat: Atnarko Retreat is a Bed and Breakfast located on Charlotte Lake. They have a wonderfully large cabin just renovated in 2009 so that it is divided into three large suites, one with a full kitchen and all with their own fireplaces. The owners also have a gorgeous lodge which also has rooms. Heidy makes wonderful homecooked meals and the best breads you'll ever taste.

Pricing: This is a complicated site, and yes, I was the one that made it so. I was given completely free rein except for the vibrant blue color of the pages. That was Heidy's idea and boy, was it hard to build around! I needed to come up with some colors that would compete with that blue and I think I succeeded. I decided that Northern Lights with randomly changing colors would quiet down the vivid blue. Then I created and colored the background image of the navigation panel to stand out. There are a lot of Flash elements on the site. The Northern Lights, the changing header pictures on the home page, and the navigation panel. What was tricky was making a Flash heavy and graphics heavy site load quickly. The site is not complete yet. Heidy and Daniel also still have to get the German and Italian translations for each page done and to me so that I can build those pages. Because the site is so incomplete, I do not have any kind of pricing ready for it yet.

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