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Since I'm the owner of AJ B&B it's pretty hard to talk about the client objectively. What I can tell you is that I'm just like the professional plumber that never has time to fix his own leaky faucets at home. I build websites but rarely have time to even look at my own portfolio site much less build a big fancy multi-page site for my Bed & Breakfast which is, admittedly just a tiny, but fun, little business. I got enough questions about our facility to finally throw together a page, literally, in a day.... or less.... but it works. It has all the information on it that potential guests need to know and it's a place I can direct them to and at least I have a website to direct what little marketing I do to.

Pricing: I had the photos on hand and since I do a lot of local resort sites, I can write copy about the area in my sleep so this little site went pretty fast. That being said, I would probably charge between $100 and $150 and that includes meta tags and keywords for search engines. That means for it to be that price to you, you would have to provide all the photos, text and contact information and all I would do is the design and put it into website form.

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